How We Work

Unique Information Technology recognise that all projects are different and, as such, our ‘project model’ can be adapted to suit your particular needs as a business. Our experience tells us that, to deliver the best results time and time again, the holistic approach to every project works.
Successfully delivering hundreds of projects over the last few years, Unique Information Technology have learnt to listen to what you're actually asking for and make sure you have realistic expectations. We won't promise you the earth, but we will deliver what's right for your business.
We'll be completely honest with you and always ask the right questions to get to the heart of your vision. In turn, this affords us the necessary strategic insight to research and plan for your project; giving you peace of mind, knowing we understand what you want, and making sure you understand what is technically and creatively possible.
Let us take care of the big picture for you. You can rest assured that you will receive the right tools for your business from the people who understand the web.
Contact Us to discuss your project.


You've contacted us for a price for your project. We'll collect as much information as we can from you about the project in order to tailor the solution to your exact requirements. We'll usually ask you to fill out a pre-project questionnaire and we may ask you to meet with one of our consultants; we'll certainly want to talk to you on the telephone,
if possible.


By now we've collected enough detail about your requirements to give you a price. We'll put together a brief which explains our approach to the project, and we'll send you our quotation. A few days after sending you the quotation, we'll be in touch to find out if you have any questions, and to see if you're interested in proceeding - which of course you will be.

Contract / Deposit

You've decided that you're happy with our price (told you), and you'd like to choose Unique Information Technology as your partner for the project - thank you! We'll prepare a Contract and Client Pack, and send it over to you. When you return your signed copy, along with your deposit, we'll be ready to get started.


We'll begin with an internal meeting about your project, with all the people who will be working on it.
If we have any further points that need clarification, we'll be in touch. We will ask you more questions specific to the project and will detail when we need your input (e.g. supply of content). We will communicate with you throughout the process with weekly reporting, to ask questions (don't use us if you want a hands-off approach to your site), and to have elements of the project signed off.


When the project is complete it will undergo our rigorous quality assurance process to ensure that it meets with our high standards. When we're happy, we're sure you will be too and we'll ask you to sign off the project as complete.

Post Completion

After the project is completed, we'll follow up to check that you're happy with the result. In the case of a web project, there are a number of ongoing and support services (e.g. Support & Maintenance Plans and Digital Marketing) that we can offer you to give your website the best chance of success.
If you have any questio