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WTC  is a company specialized in international trading , exporting,  importing, distributing and retailing of various kinds of consumable and non-consumable goods from / to Worldwide also all fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables at all levels. We have a very big basis of customers all over the world. Located in Cairo City, Egypt, 
WTC is a strong business company, in export and import and distribution business, 
WTC has grown from a small company, Nowadays we supplying a big supermarkets, Catering Companies, Hotels and Restaurants. Our aim is to continue growing as a company, while maintaining the core values that have been intrinsic to our development, namely providing a wide range of quality produce, guaranteeing dependable, punctual delivery and, most importantly of all, listening to, understanding and meeting the needs of our customers. Our expansion into the exporting all kinds from fruits and vegetables (fresh & frozen), frozen chickens, frozen and fresh fish, cheeses and chilled meats, and now we are in a position to offer you all your requirement of all foodstuff kinds through the whole year of every item you require, where we run and manage all aspects from supply to sales, we are believers that we can do it. 


WTC staff specializes in research and development, food safety and quality assurance, re-packing and packaging, logistics, finance, administration, sales, export services, customer service and marketing – allowing us to manage every aspect of the international trading