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Project description

1- An annual international gathering for a large number of international scientists and experts in the field of Earth Sciences from all over the world. It has been a standard policy that the scientific council of the Tethys Geological Society always encourages such gatherings. This certainly adds much scientific impetus to the participants in the Earth sciences and creates a common media for exchange of ideas and disseminates geological knowledge among many groups of scientists. Through these factors, progress in science and the upgrading of individual standard can be achieved. I trust this is the target that all scientists are looking for and working towards its accomplishment.

2- Bulletin of the Tethys Geological Society (T.G.S.)  is published annually by the Tethys Geological Society (T.G.S.) in the fields of Earth Sciences. The main target of this bulletin is to cover the Precambrian and Phanerozoic Geology of the Tethys domain. The Society has the honor of inviting you to publish your scientific material in the T.G.S Bull. The papers are reviewed by at least two referees and at least one member of the Editorial Board. Manuscript should represent original works not previously published, not being considered for publication elsewhere, and if accepted not to be published in the same form in any language without written consent of the editor.

3- The arrangement of special trips for groups not less than twenty members to Geo-Tourist and Geo-Archeologic sites in Egypt (the society will offer accommodation, Lunch, logistics, local transportation and security permits