Services & Support

As well as planning, designing, building, and marketing your perfect website, we can give it somewhere to live and look after it once it's launched. Unique Information Technology offer domain name registration and a variety of hosting packages on a range of platforms to ensure the best fit for your site.

Support & Maintenance

We know developing a solid working relationship with a client and their website isn't just a case of designing a disarmingly brilliant site, building it to perfection, and marketing it to the point where Google begs to be allowed to spider it.
We don't just leave our customers standing with their new website - we're in it for the duration, and our clients know we can offer in-depth and responsive support for any problems on their site or with their services.
To help our clients manage their support experience, we offer a selection of support plans; all catering to clients with differing requirements. Need a prioritised, rapid response for every single incident? Suits us (we love deadlines). Don't want to buy in to a plan that you'll rarely need? We're fine with that too.
We believe you should know in advance what you're getting, when you're getting it, and what it'll cost you; that way we can all focus on resolving the issue and getting you up and running again with the absolute minimum amount of drama.


Your choice of hosting for your website is arguably the most important decision you’ll make in the lifetime of the site. The quality and features of your chosen hosting service will directly influence the performance and availability of your site for you and your customers.
A good hosting package will give you the services you need to run your current website, as well as access to extra services should you decide to expand or reposition your online presence.
A better hosting package will give you peace of mind – knowing your site is secure and regularly backed up means you can focus on running your business.
Unique Information Technology offer several types of hosting, at varying levels of scale and feature sets. The most common of these are Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Servers.
Acronyms and buzzwords aside, we appreciate that what our customers really want from our hosting is high availability, effective and invisible backups, and the ability to provide a real response if something does go wrong.
We haven’t lost many hosting customers; of those who have left, no-one has gone because of poor service provision or support. That makes us proud and more than a little happy.
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Domain Names

Your domain name is one of the most important parts of your website. The name you choose creates your identity and will have an impact on your rankings for certain keywords. Ideally, your name will be short, memorable, easy to spell and contain the main keyword for which you would like your site to rank.
We can help you choose the best domain name for your business, and if you wish, secure it for you as well.
Once you've published your domain name in your advertising, it will become extremely valuable to you. That's why so many of our clients choose us to look after their names.
We guarantee that we will never let your name expire (you'd be surprised how many times this has happened when customers manage their own names!), and that it will always be maintained correctly.
We have also worked successfully as a domain name broker for a number of clients. If the domain name you want is already registered, the owner may want to sell, and we're happy to approach them anonymously to secure you the best possible price.
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